How to Choose the Right Computer Repair Tech For the First Time

Have you ever wondered how you know you are choosing the right IT support company?

Are you worried about spending more than you need in your IT support services?

Have you ever asked a technician to repair your system just to tell you that you had to buy a new computer without really trying to fix yours?

You probably understand how important it is to choose your IT support company wisely and hire a competent technician to help you repair your computer quickly, correctly and at a fair price.

The sad reality is that too often a person goes through some difficult experiences before finding a good technician or a good company.

Generally, after experiencing some negative experiences, a person understands that the person with whom he finally felt comfortable is the provider with the most experience in the computer repair service.

In the following paragraphs, I will share with you very useful information that I obtained during my 16 years of leadership in the I.T. The industry and why it is essential to know.

From the beginning of my career in technology, I discovered that when I hired new employees, I always got the best employees from potential candidates with long-term practical experience in technical skills for which I recruited. Very often, and with almost no negative results. After hiring recent graduates or recent graduates with all their certificates and university diplomas, the employees came to me or one of the main IT managers to solve even the most basic problems.

The reason why it happened? Employees were unaware of the key processes and relationships in computer technology that allow a person to draw informed conclusions about problems. In short, they did not understand how things worked. And how could they? They had a lot of knowledge about books and laboratories, enough theory, but no practical knowledge of the real world. This knowledge can only come from years of experience.

In general, this has happened, but it has not always been like that. There were very special gems that were so difficult to silence problems, never give up, explore, do repeated tests and finally solve the problem by illuminating the knowledge they needed along the way. But in general, the best results we have measured come from those who had a lot of practical experience and arguments.

You could say “Sure, it’s great, but how does it help me choose a good IT support company or a technician for my needs?”

In fact, when you, the consumer, choose a company that will provide you with an IT support service, you will hire them as you would an employee. And with that in mind, you want to make sure you hire a knowledgeable person to do the job correctly and at the right price.

One of the most irritating things that I have experienced in my many years in the industry is when the supplier, employee or supplier quickly determined that the solution to my problem was to buy new equipment. This immediately becomes a concern for me when this happens.

I am starting to doubt their competence to be able to provide a good service and I wonder if they have a secret reason. Sometimes I wonder if its true purpose is simply to make me buy new products at home, without taking into account my best financial interests. Of course, sometimes it is logical to invest in updated hardware, but I want to know that this is necessary and/or useful for me in some way. It was not reliable to reach a conclusion quickly that cannot reach without a first attempt to diagnose and solve the problem. When this effort is not obvious to me, I have doubts about the recommendation to spend money on new equipment, like anyone with experience.