Microsoft will reinstate generations after completing support for Fitness Tracker apps and services

Microsoft is ending support for smart healthcare apps and services for smart-band fitness trackers. It will reimburse all users whose devices are still under warranty.

The company offers $ 79.99 for Band 1 and $ 175 (about 12,400 Rs) for Band 2 devices.

“On May 31, Microsoft Health Dashboard will close and Microsoft Band apps will leave the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the Apple App Store,” the software giant announced via a blog post on Friday.

Active users of Microsoft Band who have used the group and have completed data synchronization in the “Health bar” between December 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019, are also eligible for reimbursements from the company.

Must be requested by August 30.

Although the internet connection features will no longer be available, users can continue to set alerts and track daily health information, activity data, and sleep analysis.

“Functionality will be limited to what is available on the Band device. Restoring the device after the service termination will make it impossible to put the device back on,” said the post.

Users are instructed to transfer their data using export tools on the Microsoft Support site before May 31st.

Introduced in 2014, Microsoft Band came with smart-watch and activity-tracker features, developed by Windows creator. A second generation was also released.

In 2016, its production was cut off due to its difficult and uncomfortable design, often criticized, the media reported.