Top 20 recipes to get you excited about Easter

Easter is a highlight of the food calendar and who does not like roast lamb and rolls? But if you have two holidays and your house is a block of chocolate that you can use as an ingredient, try something new. When you’re in the kitchen, your idea of egg cheese fun is in search of quick recipes that will give you plenty of time to watch the Easter parade unpack this fifth Easter egg. Bake pastries.

Make easter eggs goodies

Make something more with your Easter eggs and make something big out of them!

1. Mini Blonde Eggs – Their fudge flavor and melting texture make it an ideal Easter for houseguests and kids.

2. Easter eggs – the easiest Easter meals you can prepare; You do not need much more than chocolate, cornflakes, and mini-eggs!

3. Homemade Easter Eggs – Why not make your own and reduce the packaging? You can even customize the decoration.

Give the eggs a new twist

Easter is a case of eggs. Why not for lunch or dinner?

4. Yorkshire Pudding Wrap – Have lunch on Easter Sunday by wrapping a Yorkshire pudding around your favorite hot tips. This is filled with cheese and roasted vegetables.

5. Frozen eggs and green salsa on tortilla chips – also called chilaquiles – this classic Mexican brunch of fried tortillas and eggs is perfect for Easter.

6. Fu Yung Egg Wrap – With this Taiwanese-style egg wrap flavored with sweet chili and light soy sauces, you’ll give your omelet a more colorful shadow

If you like chocolate

Why stop with chocolate eggs?

7. Double Chocolate Brownies – a Double Success of Good Things!

8. Chocolate Bark – If you have too many easter eggs, melt them together and make them fantastic with this simple recipe.

9. Italian strawberry and chocolate cake – a great way to eat the remaining Easter eggs. This sticky cake is a delicious pudding or treats with a cup of afternoon tea.

Try these classic Easter meals

When Easter is a story of hot balls and Easter biscuits at home …

10. Hot sandwiches – surprisingly easy to prepare and your kitchen smells good!

11. Simnel Cake – The best and most original Easter cake by Queen of Cakes, Mary Berry.

12. Easter biscuits – easy to prepare and everyone will love them!

13. A Sicilian sweet bread with lemon and orange – a bread with citrus and almond fragrance, inspired by the classic flavors of the Italian Colomba di Pasqua

Have a good brunch

Whether you love your Spanish, Mexican or American style eggs, you will find the best Easter breakfast ever.

14. An excellent egg sandwich – make the eggs the star of the show with the best breakfast.

15. Breakfast Burrito – Try breakfast! Prepare the pads for a quick and easy Mexican party.

16. Flamenco Eggs – Chorizo, Serrano ham, tomatoes, and eggs combine well in this simple breakfast.

For the big Easter dinner

Fancy a classic lamb or something new for Easter? Here is something for you.

17. Lamb shoulder with the slow roast – good roast to feed the crowd; Cook it slowly and gently and it will be soft and sweet.

18. Osterpavlova – this beautiful Pavlova will certainly impress. This can be done in advance to avoid panic at the last moment.

19. Torta Pasquale – a classic Italian, perfect for vegetarians; Try an outdoor lunch in good weather.

20. Crunchy Hot Butter Pudding – use lightly wicked rolls for this casual dessert.